Once the gateway to Silves which, in the past, was the capital of Algarve, Portimão has long been a trading port. After near destruction by the earthquake of 1755 it took nearly 100 years for the town to recover. At the end of the 19th century it became a centre for exports and especially for the sardine industry.

Fishing industries have waned and the city now has become a leisure mecca with a large marina. There are many historical buildings to see. Indeed the College church, the largest in the Algarve, has some of the best Baroque carvings in the region.


Explore the bustling city streets if you enjoy the vibrant shopping experience Portugal can offer.

You might wish to take a boat trip from Portimao along the foot of the sandstone cliffs, well weathered by the sea. It is possible to see ladders hanging from the cliffs which are used by intrepid fishermen

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